Renault Trezor

Renault’s Trezor concept, a laid back electric GT, was unveiled in September 2016 at the Paris motor show. It quickly amassed a legion of admirers, carrying off the Car Design News concept of the year award in Geneva the following spring, and named most beautiful concept at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in June 2017, among other accolades.

Alongside dramatic proportions and striking red glazing, Trezor featured an inventive surface treatment with selected panels pressed into a honeycomb pattern of tessellating hexagons. A nose-hinged clamshell upper body also lifted up and away to showcase a gorgeous red interior.

These sketches reveal a range of ideas that fed into the eventual show car. They are the work of Stéphane Janin, head of concept cars at Renault Design; Yann Jarsallé, exterior lead designer; and Anton Shamenkov.