Volvo Concept Estate 2014

Volvo Concept Estate sketch front quarter view by T. Jon Mayer

Revealed at the 2014 Geneva show, Volvo’s Concept Estate was one of a trio of show cars created under the leadership of Thomas Ingenlath, who was appointed senior vice president of design in mid-2012. It was preceded by the Concept Coupe and followed by the Concept XC Coupe (in fact all three show cars were the same physical vehicle, suitably reworked).

Volvo Concept Estate pencil sketch by Maximilian Missoni

The Concept Estate is a clear precursor to the production V60 unveiled in Sweden today, but also nods back to the classic P1800ES of the 1970s.

The sketches on this page show off the strong proportions and clean form language of the Concept Estate. The striking semi-negative images are the work of T. Jon Mayer, currently senior director of design at Volvo’s California studio. The pencil sketch is by Max Missoni, vice president of exterior design at Volvo, and the interior rendering is by Niklas Palm, senior manager of interior design.

Volvo Concept Estate sketch plan view by T. Jon Mayer

Ingenlath is now chief design officer at Volvo and is also CEO of Polestar, the spin-off that is busy preparing a production version of the Concept Coupe in the guise of the Polestar P1.

Volvo Concept Estate sketch interior view by Niklas Palm Volvo Concept Estate sketch rear view by T. Jon Mayer Volvo Concept Estate sketch rear quarter view by T. Jon Mayer