Volkswagen ID Vizzion

VW ID Vizzion sketch by Michal Uhrin

At the 2018 Geneva show next month Volkswagen will reveal the fourth member of its ID family of electric autonomous vehicles – the ID Vizzion.

A pair of colorful sketches by exterior designer Michal Uhrin seem to show a fastback sedan or four-door coupe, reminiscent of the Lucid Air EV designed by Derek Jenkins. Or for that matter sibling brand Audi’s Aicon concept from Frankfurt 2017.

VW ID Vizzion sketch by Michal Uhrin with open doors

However, VW calls the new vehicle a “premium class MPV”, so perhaps we can expect it to be taller than the sketches suggest. An unsigned image of the interior shows nothing very MPVish – just four individual seats, dividing center consoles, a wraparound dash and a noticeable lack of steering wheel.

Perhaps more MPV versatility, such as swiveling and folding functions for the seats, will be revealed in Geneva.

VW ID Vizzion sketch - interior