Redspace Reds

Redspace Reds artwork, Kidspace by Matteo Mariuzzo

Celebrated designer Chris Bangle returned to the automotive sector in November 2017, triggering distinctly mixed reactions.

A wet Redspace Reds, rendering by Pietro Nume

Nobody would have guessed that his eponymous design company, Chris Bangle Associates, would come up a boxy, angular, upright electric city car as its automotive debut. Called Reds, it was commissioned by a new company called Redspace, backed by a state-owned Chinese maker of electric trucks and buses.

Whatever you think of the Reds’ divisive design, its launch gave us some beautiful, atmospheric artwork by designers Matteo Mariuzzo (paintings) and Pietro Nume (digital renders).

Two views of Redspace Reds, artwork by Matteo Mariuzzo Redspace Reds in lovers lane, artwork by Matteo Mariuzzo Rendering of two Redspace Reds EVs racing, by Pietro Nume