Kia Stonic

Kia Stonic - early styling sketch from above

Published sketches by car designers tend to fall into two categories: those produced during the development process to explore different visual options; and those produced afterwards for promotional purposes.

Kia Stonic sketch - early styling sketch front view

Images of the second variety are often passed off as the first, but it’s usually easy to spot the difference. If a sketch has almost all of the eventual styling features present and correct, albeit in a squashed, stretched or exaggerated form, it was probably created after the design was signed off.

Kia Stonic sketch - of the final design from the rear

The above three images of Kia’s Stonic compact SUV all have a whiff of the retrospective about them. Even the apparently rough drawing at the very top shows the distinctive roof, side window graphic, rear lamp shape and kinked sill of the production car.

Happily, Kia also published a variety of sketches of the Stonic that were clearly produced during the development process. They are unusual in showing two contenders for the final styling theme, labelled concept 1 and concept 2 – this kind of competition between rival design options is typically kept behind the curtain.

It’s interesting to note that elements of both concepts made it through to the final design.

Kia Stonic sketch - options 1 and 2 styling from the side Kia Stonic sketch - front of styling option 2 Kia Stonic sketch - option 1 styling side view Kia Stonic sketch - two styling options for the nose Kia Stonic sketch - option 2 styling from the rear Kia Stonic sketch - option 1 styling from the rear Kia Stonic sketch - two styling options for the rear